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Creating Better Birth Stories

So you want a better birth? You're in the right place! We have a range of services to help you have the best pregnancy and birth experience possible. We have a service to suit everyone at a price point for all budgets. We offer Payment plans to make even any service you choose manageable. I was just like you once. After finding out I was pregnant with my first baby in 2014 my whole life changed practically overnight. I’d never really given much thought to pregnancy, birth or motherhood before then, all I knew is I was terrified of it all. I heard about hypnobirthing through a friend of mine, I done my research and there were some parts that i wasn't too sure on, i decided to give it a go, as i had nothing to lose. I completed a course as a client and boy was i right, i had absolutely nothing to lose but little did i realise, i had EVERYTHING to gain, I used it to have the most amazing birth in November 2014. After this, I gained a natural interest in the subject of pregnancy birth and motherhood. I found out any information I could and I learned lots along the way, I became a support system to my friends when they had their babies and the passion grew. I decided to start working in this industry after the birth of my second child in 2018. Again, I had an amazing experience for my second birth because I was informed about birth and my choices. I realised at this point that more women should have this level of information and support, hence This Mum was born

Holding Tummy


with This Mum

Welcome to This Mum. We offer Hypnobirthing courses, both face to face and Online, Whilst we are located in Liverpool UK, our Hypnobirthing Courses can be accessed from ANYWHERE.  I am here to make Hypnobirthing accessible for EVERYONE, i am very aware that there are some people out there that would miss out on all of the benefits of hypnobirthing simply because some of the 'Hippy Dippy' aspects do not appeal to them. If that is You, you can still access my course and get lots of benefit from it.  I will tailor the techniques to each individual client giving them examples of how they can incorporate them no matter where they sit on the 'Hippy' scale. Here, we are passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and beyond. We believe in supporting families in having the best possible pregnancy and birth they can. Explore our site to learn more about us, our services, and so much more. Join us at This Mum today and experience the positive changes you can have for your pregnancy and birth.

Birth Services

-Online Hypnobirthing Course

-Group Hypnobirthing Course

-1-1 Hypnobirthing Course 


In today’s society, everyone is so quick to tell you how horrendous birth is. TV shows support this and so you spend the whole of your pregnancy anxious and worried about having to go through this traumatic event. However, did you ever stop to think that it doesn’t have to be like that? It doesn’t have to be a thing you look back on and shudder. There’s real information here at This Mum to completely change that view, and get a positive, calm birth experience.

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-30 Day Relaxation Package coming 2023

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