Holding Tummy


with This Mum

Welcome to This Mum. We offer Hypnobirthing courses, both face to face and Online, Whilst we are located in Liverpool UK, our online Hypnobirthing Course and 1-1 sessions can be accessed from ANYWHERE.  I am here to make Hypnobirthing accessible for EVERYONE. I am very aware that there are some people out there that would miss out on all of the benefits of hypnobirthing simply because its commonly thought to have 'Hippy Dippy' aspects that do not appeal to them. If that is You, you can still access my course and get lots of benefit from it.  I will tailor the techniques to each individual client giving them examples of how they can incorporate them no matter where they sit on the 'Hippy' scale. Here, we are passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and beyond. We offer Pregnancy Relaxation services too and also Birth support in the areas local to Liverpool. We believe in supporting families in having the best possible pregnancy and birth they can. Explore our site to learn more about us, our services, and so much more. Join us at This Mum today and experience the positive changes you can have for your pregnancy and birth.

Online Hypnobirthing Course

  • Best Value Course

    Online Hypnobirthing

    Learn how to birth without fear and have a positive birth
    Valid for 9 months
    • Full hypnobirthing course, Learning at your own pace
    • Ten easy to digest videos, plus course downloads too
    • Go to course downloads for the PDF 'How to use this course'