Surviving not thriving

Well if the above title doesn't describe my time in lock down then I'm not sure what will. Its currently day 6,056 in isolation and I've forgotten what its like to be out and about in adult company. My educational saviour is the sound of Peppa Pigs snorts and for the first time ever I don't want to eat her as a bacon butty. Most days I feel like I'm failing but most nights I feel like I'm winning, but that's most definitely the wine and the fact that I've found a karaoke section on the dodgy box. I've developed an insatiable appetite, and none of my clothes fit anymore but that's okay because I haven't wore anything other than pyjamas for weeks. I look forward to putting the bins out now and going for a jog once a week, something that would have been my idea of hell pre 2020, but Id gladly run across hot coals at this point if it meant 20 minutes to myself. My mental health is questionable and so is my hygiene, it takes me back to the time when i was a kid and my aunty told my cousin to brush his teeth, to which he replied "why where are we going?" and who knew he would be so ahead of the curve? 2020 has become such a catastrophe that even April Fools day was cancelled, because nothing could have been stranger than the reality of life.

All is not lost though there are good things to see,

the kindness of strangers and nature blooming free.

Our once strangled planet is breathing and healing,

Relationships are stronger and we have all started feeling.

were locked down its true but were more free than ever,

families are bonding and I hope the rat race is gone forever.

This year will be in our history, as the time the world stood still,

we will talk about how life changed forever, because its true and it will.

I hope you're staying sane as well as safe this lock down,

Take care of you,


This Mum Liverpool

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