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Are you like me you’re a girls girl? Do you LOVEEEEE supporting women to live their best lives. Especially in their motherhood era! I am setting up an exciting opportunity for you to support women even more than you currently do! Women deserve the best pregnancies, births and postnatal journey and I know you’d agree that they need support, education and reassurance to do that. So this is where I come in. I am giving you an opportunity to earn extra cash all while further supporting women throughout their pregnancies and births and guess what? There is zero risk for you, zero cash input, zero stress. All you do is what you do now, simply chat with pregnant women and where it comes up naturally you let them know that you can offer them a discount code off my online course. There’s more!!! Not only does your client get a £5 discount making the course cheaper for them, you also earn £10 commission for each sign up. Everyone gains. So, how does it work? You will have a unique code to use that will enable the discount to your client and then at the end of each month, I will add up how many codes have been used in your name, send you the information and the commission direct to your bank within 7-14 days. It’s a win win. If this sounds like an opportunity that is right up your street then reply here and I’ll get you set up with your unique code.

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