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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation method that combines self hypnosis (don't worry its not THAT style of hypnosis) with relaxation and traditional birthing techniques. This then allows women to feel more calm leading up to and during their birth so they can reduce fear, anxiety, and pain during labor, promoting a smoother delivery. Generally, hypnobirthing reduces the likelihood of having medical interventions and depending on the course you choose, some courses like mine, will educate you on safe decision making about any interventions that may be offered, keeping you in control and reducing chances of birth trauma.

How Does Hypnobirthing Work?

Different Hypnobirthing schools and coaches will have their own way of teaching the frame work and some courses include more birth education than others. When choosing a course, think about choosing the teacher that feels most approachable and aligned to you. Hypnobirthing training works by teaching you how to allow your body to be balanced in the right way to allow your birth to begin and progress, (you wouldn't believe the ways in which we stop our own births and make them harder ordinarily) In short hypnobirthing works so that body can function better on the day, making it easier for you not harder. The skills learned in hypnobirthing can also be helpful for bonding with your baby, and to keep you calm and focused through any life challenges in the future.

When Should I Start Hypnobirthing?

Ideally you should start hypnobirthing classes between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. However, it is never too late or too early to benefit from these teachings. I have had women complete my digital course in the 11th hour and have thanked their lucky stars that they did. The reason hypnobirthing is encouraged at this stage is because practicing the techniques allows you to get comfortable with them and to allow them to work more effectively for labour. The more you practices these techniques, the better you becomes at it, and the better they work for birth.

Does Hypnobirthing work?

YES, YES and YES again. Lots of studies have proven the benefits of using hypnobirthing. It is well documented that hypnobirthing increases the satisfaction of the birthing experience. Lowering pain, anxiety, and duration of labour. Hypnobirthing is worth considering for all pregnant women, there is no better way of preparing for a positive birthing journey than engaging with hypnobirthing.

Free Hypnobirthing resources

You can complete my free Hypnobirthing Taster course by clicking here.

You can access my free Hypnobirthing relaxation by clicking here.

If you are interested in a full course you can find my £30 digital course by clicking here.



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