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What is Hypnobirthing all about?

And crucially...........DOES IT WORK???

Have you ever wondered does Hypnobirthing even work? What even is it anyway? And how can it work for me? If that sounds like you, or you have heard the word and thought, that must be for hippies….

Well Let me explain it to you....

Hypnobirthing is the world’s worst choice of name to describe what the course really is. Hypnobirthing in a nutshell is about education. Working out exactly how your body function for birth…. What happens inside your body so you can stop stressing about what it all is and if its normal, because you’ll understand what is. Hypnobirthing also helps you to work out what makes your birth go quicker smoother and for want of a better word easier (because let’s be honest easy isn’t the word haha). I have personally used hypnobirthing three times and had the most amazing birth experiences, and now through my business I have helped hundreds of women to achieve their dream of having a positive birth experience.

Why does a positive birth matter so much?

I strongly believe women deserve to enter into motherhood on a strong footing and that is much easier when you’re not feeling traumatised from your birth.

Hypnobirthing helps women have less painful births, quicker births. Hypnobirthing makes it less likely that your birth will end with an assisted delivery or a c section. It does this in lots of ways but one of the ways Is by educating you on all of the options available to you for your birth. Helping you understand what things can increase likelihood of you needing interventions and what will decrease the likelihood of the same things. This puts you in a position of control over what happens during your birth. This element of control is another contributing factor to helping you achieve a positive birth, because you feel informed and involved in the decision making each step of the way, you make decisions from a place of empowerment rather than fear.

Hypnobirthing has been used by celebrities such as 'Kate Middleton' 'Giovanna fletcher' 'Jessica Alba' 'Hillary Duff' 'Angelina Jolie' plus many more...

Are all hypnobirthing courses the same?

Now, the way my courses work is totally different to lots of other Hypnobirthing courses out there, they are reasonably priced for a start, they are also no nonsense, and they include so much extra education on top of hypnobirthing. When I completed my course as a client there were certain aspects of the teachings that felt a little bit too ‘farfetched’ for me if you like and I made it my mission to normalise and individualise the techniques associated with Hypnobirthing, so that every woman can access a course and use it to benefit them for any birth they have, home birth, hospital birth, induction birth or C section. This is where my business name came from, This Mum is everyone, I am just like you and if I can have a positive birth so can you. A positive birth does not mean nothing veered off plan, it means having the right tools to keep you calm and in control of any situation you may find yourself in, this is what Hypnobirthing is great for. Positive birth comes in all shapes and sizes, and it comes more from how you feel about your birth rather than what physically happened.

Busting the Hypnobirthing Myths

Hypnobirthing as I touched on earlier, has so many misconceptions attached to it. People think it is ‘airy fairy’ or only for those who do not want pain relief, none of that is true. Hypnobirthing is based on the science of what happens in your body to facilitate birth and the techniques are just ways to help you do that. It is all about keeping you calm and relaxed, because since when has panicking ever helped in any situation? There are so many benefits of using it and absolutely no negatives. Women who use Hypnobirthing report feeling more positive about their birth, more in control of their choices for birth, they are less likely to feel trauma post birth. Hypnobirthing reduces the likelihood of needing medicinal pain relief, however if you want to use pain relief you absolutely can alongside hypnobirthing.

Is it something you are interested in?

I have varying education options for birth within my business, to suit each price range and learning style. My positive birth prep starts from £2.99 and you can find a digital Hypnobirthing course for £30, other more personal options can be found on my website too . I would highly recommend completing a course as there is everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. The way you feel about your birth will stay with you for the rest of your life, give yourself the best chance of feeling empowered by the experience.

Sound good? Find out more by clicking the link below.

I hope you have enjoyed this little snapshot into hypnobirthing,

I wish you a happy and healthy journey into motherhood and beyond.

Take care,


This Mum


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